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Commitment of the Diocese of Nalgonda and Father Fathima to complete this project

The money raised will be donated entirely to the project.

Regular reports and photos will be sent by Father Fathima to show the progress of the project.

The statement of accounts will be audited by qualified charted accountants and submitted to the association at the end of the project, as per the requirement of the foreign contribution regulation act for the Government of India. These accounts will be available for anyone wishing to consult them and will be posted on this website.


Each of our project is initiated, supported and carried out by a person. It is someone we know and whom we have met. A person who has impressed us with his dedication and leadership to try to overcome the cycle of poverty and thus improve people’s lives around him.

The association only helps people in whom she can fully trust and whom she knows personally, and checks at any time that the money is used as intended.